LPC1768 UDA1380 Connextion

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Hi everyone,
i am trying to play wave files with 16bit samples at 44.1Khz with the uda1380 module,
i am currently facing a problem with wiring the codec module to my MCU board.
The uda1380 schematic does not have enough info to help me so i would appreciate it very much if someone can point me to the right direction.
I am aware that a similar thread for the uda1380 is present but the discussion did not help me very much.
The tx-clk tx-ws tx-mclk signals are correct after a control with the scope and i can also see my audio data on the tx-sda pin. So i figured that the uda1380 MCLK wiring is not correct especially confusing are the three seperate MCLK pins on the uda, the MCLK pin is it SYSCLK pin for uda? if yes what are the two pins beside it labeld rx tx respectively ? Is it possible to leave the TX pins on the uda not connected because i am only using the module to play wave files ?

Thanks to anyone with helpfull input i need to resolve the problem in the next days so a quick response would be very much appreciated .
Best regards
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Reply by simonzzOctober 20, 2017

Would be better if you link the datasheets you are referring to.

To which IC the MCLK and tx-clk tx-ws tx-mclk are referred to ?