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Embedded Systems and FPGA Engineer

If you are planning to use a network stack to communicate with the University server, a Linux OS installed on an embedded board will make your life easiser. If...
I had a reply ready to post but somehow the browser reloaded the page and I lost it.However, the following are the bad and good practices came to my mind.Bad practices.1)...
@DigitalGeek, I tested the PRU a few days ago but since PRU cannot handle asynchronous hardware interrupts, I did not use it anymore.However, in the Derek Molloy's...

Re: Embedded Engineers Most Important and Useful Skills

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/28/2017)
Hello,I think the most significant, important and useful technical skills are: Hardware architectures.Computer programming: C and Assembly. C is required. No way...

Re: LPC1768 UDA1380 Connextion

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/20/2017)
Would be better if you link the datasheets you are referring to.To which IC the MCLK and tx-clk tx-ws tx-mclk are referred to ?

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