Firmware vs Software vs Hardware vs Device Driver, what are the differences?

Started by stephaneb 6 years ago8 replieslatest reply 1 year ago4839 views
Once we are done here, the goal is for this thread to become a great place to learn about the differences between Firmware, Software, Hardware and Device Driver. ...

What is a Bootloader and when do you need one?

Started by stephaneb 7 years ago13 replieslatest reply 1 year ago22313 views
As part of my effort to create a new crowd-sourced #FAQ section and also with the intention to help promote my good friend Jacob Beningo's upcoming webinar titled Secure...

RTOS Debugging - Tips, Tricks and Tools

Started by stephaneb 6 years ago7 replieslatest reply 1 year ago8030 views
A few months ago, the topic of debugging embedded systems was addressed: Debugging Embedded Systems - Favorite Tools, Strategies, Best Practices...  This week,...

Sensors & Embedded Systems - The Basics

Started by stephaneb 6 years ago11 replieslatest reply 1 year ago2543 views
Sensing technologies play an important role in many (most?) embedded systems.  The topic is very broad though and I expect many more #FAQ threads about #Sensors...

What are some signs that you have become a better Embedded Systems Engineer?

Started by stephaneb 5 years ago7 replieslatest reply 1 year ago532 views
Inspired by a similar question on quora about software engineering, I thought it could be interesting to read some insights from this community of embedded systems...

Learning FPGA

Started by stephaneb 6 years ago19 replieslatest reply 1 year ago4696 views
A few months ago, this community tackled the first FPGA FAQ titled When (and why) is it a good idea to use an FPGA in your embedded system design?.  Your contributions...

When (and why) is it a good idea to use an FPGA in your embedded system design?

Started by stephaneb 7 years ago12 replieslatest reply 1 year ago8027 views
Once we are done with this thread, the vision is for readers to get a basic understanding of when should an FPGA be considered in the design of an Embedded System...

STM32 RTC wakeup interrupt not working

Started by SuhaibSyd 1 year ago2 replieslatest reply 1 year ago873 views
I was trying baremetal programming for STM32L412T6 controller. I got stuck at RTC wakeup interrupt. My code is jumping to for loop without going to the interrupt...

NXP i.MX RT platform - Give your opinion

Started by fabatera 2 years ago83 views
Hello,I would like to hear your opinion about the NXP RT Crossover MCU.Are you using it or know any applications/developments being done with it?What are the specific...

Interesting results of the quiz on integer arithmetic in C

Started by QL 2 years ago2 replieslatest reply 2 years ago176 views
The results of the EmbeddedRelated quiz on integer arithmetic in C are quite interesting (and will be even more interesting with more participants!) The success...

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