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Hello people,

I'm new in the EmbeddedRelated.com and I want to ask you guys what books or resource you kindly suggest me to develop my skills in Microcontroller programming.

I've been working with PIC and AVR but I would like to know if you have some sort of resource that I could read because I really like embedded systems and I would like to master in these world.

if the material is about PIC and AVR, or anything else could work, what I really want are your suggestions.

Looking for a sooner reply. Thanks.

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Reply by jorickSeptember 14, 2017

I suggest you start with "Embedded C Coding Standard" by Michael Barr.  It's available in HTML or PDF for free here: https://barrgroup.com/Embedded-Systems/Books/Embed...

It's important to get used to a coding standard in order to improve the readability of your code and reduce bugs.

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Reply by Tim WescottSeptember 14, 2017
The Art of Embedded Programming by Jack Gannsle.

It sounds like you don't need a microprocessor book per se.  There ARE books, and, in fact, entire college classes, around how a microprocessor works.  It's hard to be sure from your post, but may want to treat the microcontroller as a black box for now, though, and concentrate on the programming aspects.

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Reply by QLSeptember 14, 2017

I would recommend the "Modern Embedded Systems Programming" video course on YouTube.

The course is intended for newcomers to the embedded software field and is structured as a series of short, focused, hands-on lessons that teach you how to program embedded microcontrollers in the C programming language. But the goal is not just to teach you C—other courses and books do it already quite well. But there are virtually no courses that would step down to the machine level and show you exactly what happens inside the embedded processor.

So, starting from lesson-one you will actually see how the ARM Cortex-M processor executes your code, how it manipulates registers, and how a computer can "do" things in the real world, such as turn on and off an LED.

This deeper understanding will allow you to use the C language more efficiently and with greater confidence. You will gain understanding not just what your program does, but also how the C statements translate to machine instructions and get a sense for how fast the processor can execute them. Also, you will get some familiarity with the ARM Cortex-M core, which will look really good on your resume.

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Reply by swmclSeptember 14, 2017

Hi QL,

Can I assume these are your courses?  On the webpage it said the courses were located in Australia.  Are you in Australia and do you offer training or other services?



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Reply by QLSeptember 14, 2017

Hi Steve

Yes, I teach the video course.

No, I'm not located in Australia.

No, I don't offer training or other services.


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Reply by antedeluvianSeptember 14, 2017

I found the book "Programming Microcontrollers in C" by Ted Van Sickle to be very informative. To be sure it must have dated, especially since it was on rather old 8-bit Motorola micros, but I am sure you would learn something from it. They seem to be available for reasonable prices...


Actually it is available for free here (although I am not sure if it is legal)


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Reply by fabianpiSeptember 14, 2017

Thanks for your suggestions, well, it's more how to get into Microcontrollers know how they work to make great stuff with it.

Also it would be better to get improve the programming skills with Embedded C