Keynote Speaker Suggestions for the Embedded Online Conference

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The speaker line-up for the upcoming Embedded Online Conference is almost complete - we are expecting the material from only a couple more speakers.  

We would now like to add a keynote speaker for the Embedded Systems Programming track and possibly another keynote speaker for the whole conference.

One idea we had is to try and get a 'high profile' engineer heading a team developing a ventilator for Covid19 patients, to give a keynote talk about the design process, the challenges, etc.  For instance, we know that Tesla is currently working on a ventilator using Model 3 parts.  I've reached out on Linkedin to Jo Mardall from Telsa to see if he would be interested in giving the keynote but haven't heard from him yet.  

Can you think of other possible keynote speakers that you believe could make a presentation that you'd find very interesting to watch?  Let's try to shoot high, but let's also try to be realistic.  Jo from Tesla was perhaps a bit too ambitious...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 

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Reply by LorenzoRApril 22, 2020

I heard about GM helping Ventec Life Systems increase its rate of ventilator production due to covid19 emergency. 

I looked on LinkedIn for Ventec Life Systems employees and sent you (private message) a couple of profiles you could try to contact.

Hope it helps!

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Reply by Pelkey123April 22, 2020

Max Maxfield is your guy! He has been speaker in the past and I'll bet they loved him to pieces. He is smart and witty, and has written several books on embedded processing.