Which system for dual display dual lvds

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Hello All,

Not absolutely sure if this is the right place to ask, but here it goes...

Im working on a project that needs to use two of the same lvds tft displays from a single source. These displays are 50 pin dual channel lvds displays that will display two different things. I can do this with two hdmi connections from a board, or with something like a hdmi to MIPI board the MIPI to dual lvds (?) or with one hdmi and one dvi from something like a mini itx board. It can be screen splitting but, two desktops would be much nicer. However, what would be the best scenario is what I need help on. Are there any boards, something like firefly, thinkerboard or rasberry that has two separate lvds outputs or two separate hdmi outputs, something more compact than a miniitx that can do this? A flavor of linux is fine or windows ce etc. (if it comes down to it). The idea is to drive them from the same source with less display controllers and without a extra gpu. Open to any suggestions.

Thanks for the help.

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Reply by Bob11February 15, 2018

A quick google search turns up, for example, the Inforce 6420 SBC:


You don't mention the resolution you're looking for. Many of the ARM SBCs have two or more LCD outputs (holdovers from the flip-phone days) on their expansion headers that could drive lo-res HDMI via TI TFP410 drivers or the equivalent. It's not clear if you're looking to actually build hardware for the displays or just buy something off the shelf though.

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Reply by H3ndrixFebruary 15, 2018


The displays are LG LA123WF01 with 1920x720 res. We do not want to build it if we can buy it because we are building so many other things. Thanks