analog linear amplifyer connected to a plasma transmission device

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Plasma devices are NOT my forte but being asked to help out another engineer, i couldn't refuse. so here I am (sigh).

Testing analog linear amplifier to a plasma transmission device using 2.0 mhz sweep upto 4.0mhz

while containing data and wavelength info in frequency transmission. having issues with data and wavelength staying together and being transmitted, getting frequency square wave but the data embedded in the frequency is not being passed through the plasma device. Using Spectrum analyzer for data acquisition. But feel Im missing something here.

can trace frequency square wave and data with oscilloscope through amplifier and after amplifier but nothing after it gets to plasma device using spectrum analyzer here.   And directional pointers would be greatly helpful. Remember not using digital conversion here all ANALOG.

BTW not many of us out doing this kind of stuff, looking for EE or physics engineers who might have any thoughts.

Already looked to grid placement within the plasma device, not an option at this point, so save you one on this :). Also TTL will not be implementable do to its pass through a transformer to achieve this testing. The transformer changes the signal structure and no original frequency passed through. definitely not the data either.

I was asked not to share any scope or spectrum data here, but looking for other ideas avenues. OP-amps, power-amps different linear amps  all interfacing with an Analog origination and want to keep analog transmission through origination transmission and termination end.

One thing I noted immediately was that square wave changes by size of plasma tube and what type of gas is in the tube also. Certain ones do get the frequency square wave  but no data.

being engineers were pretty methodical but sometimes we come up with different ways of looking at a problem, and wala,  we now have a potential solution, definitely be modified along the way tho. LOL

ANY ideas  suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Reply by KocsonyaOctober 21, 2021

I think you will need to give us more. So far, you said "I built something. Turned on, didn't work. I tweaked it, and it still doesn't work. Tell me what's wrong.".

Give us some background, what is it you want to achieve, what the plasma device is all about, maybe a diagram about your setup. What's TTL? Time to live? Transistor-transistor logic? Why can't you use it with a transformer? If you know that the transformer stops the carrier as well as the signal, why are you looking for it afterwards?

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Reply by gillhern321October 21, 2021

Like I explained we are trying to transmit through a plasma device, the input is a generated square wave frequency and  data embedded in the transmission.

Maybe I did not explain it enough in the previous mail.

as I stated in the previous blog,   I want to generate this signal (good to go) push it through an amplifier (good to go)  this would go through a coax to the plasma device (good to go) and have the plasma device transmit this to another device to be received coherently as a square wave and a data signal. This last piece is NOT good to go.  TTL (TTL, or Transistor-Transistor Logic, hardware protocol is a low, non-differential voltage version of RS-232) protocol but it pulses the signal and going through a ttl transformer changes the frequency and I am not using this  at all. I used this as an EXAMPLE i had researched so no one else would provide that solution.

Plasma tube overview.pdf

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Reply by Joe0x7FOctober 21, 2021

If you drop the frequency much lower, does your signal get through correctly?

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Reply by gillhern321October 21, 2021


thanks for your response,  If we drop the frequency we get staggered square wave and no data. we've tested the coax to the plasma tube coupler and square wave and data are there, but the plasma tube is not providing the output we expect for transmission through the EMF field, tube is omni 36' field but no wave or data.


plasma tube overview

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Reply by gillhern321October 21, 2021

Please also note on the design, which is not my friends but is used as an example.  it is a analog to digital conversion, we are doing a straight through analog implementation.

So the digital implemetation in this design overview is not in our implemenation

hope this helps,  unfortunately I am old school like old school but am willing to change based on  needs or situations.

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Reply by gillhern321October 21, 2021

another baseline high level design

this one is close to what we are testing with.