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Measurement of complex impedance of an RF antenna set up.

Started by "'Pe...@ozemail.com.au [msp430]" April 8, 2018
I need to measure the impedance of an antenna setup and am told a Vector
Network Analyser is required. For a 1-off use I am reluctant to outlay money
to buy one and even the rental fee is high for such a device. Is there
another way to measure impedance that will give me the same result?



Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430

Why are you posting to the MSP430 group with an RF question? Have you no manners at all?

There is no way that anyone can answer your question as you do not state anything at all about the use case. You don't even state the frequency. You can get usable results with $50-100 of kit under 30 MHz. At 1-2 GHz and above it will cost over $1000. Probably a lot over $1000.

Please go away.

Posted by: Reginald Beardsley

I use one of these


For frequencies below 30 MHz a sark100 would do. Google sark100 for a
local supplier. You should also check out the miniVnwa.

Of course you could make one yourself with an MSP430, a dds oscillator and
a return loss bridge. There are plenty of Arduino designs you could clone.
Back in the day when I was using MSP430s for ham radio work I think Yannick
posted a design.

But as the previous poster suggested you really should post this question
to one of the many VNWA groups.

Good luck,

Have you no manners at all?

That was funny, thank you for the entertainment.

Peter, I have a similar interest. This looks promising:

https://vk3yy.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/antenna-analyser-project/ https://vk3yy.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/antenna-analyser-project/

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