I2C Assembler routine

Started by aunisajjad March 7, 2007
Hellow MSP fanatics

would any1 be willing to share the i2c interupt routine written in
assembler or give any kind of help to this newbie on assembler...im
working with the msp430f2013 and the i2c routine takes alot of memory i
want to see if assembler reduces the code size requirements


Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430

hi Blu,
yeah i printed of the assembly generated by my i2c ISR but i had
trouble finding finding I2C Routines on ur website.

cheers for the help


--- In m..., "b.lu" wrote:
> Hi,
> you can write I2C routine in C and look at assembler generated by
> compiler. This way you can familiarize with MSP assembler and
> it as you like.
> Free I2C source routines and how to setup compiler to produce
> can be found at http://blubos.sourceforge.net
> Bye,
> Blu
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