DSPRelated and EmbeddedRelated now on Facebook & I will be at EE Live!

Stephane BoucherFebruary 27, 20148 comments

I have two news to share with you today.

The first one is that I finally created Facebook pages for DSPRelated.com and EmbeddedRelated (DSPRelated page - EmbeddedRelated page). For a long time I didn't feel that this was something that was needed, but it seems that these days more and more people are using their Facebook account to stay updated with their favorite websites. In any event, if you have a Facebook account, I would greatly appreciate if you could use the next 5 seconds to "like" the pages (again: DSPRelated page - EmbeddedRelated page). Thanks a lot!

The other news is that I will be attending EE Live! (formely Design West) this year in San Jose from March 30 to April 3. Who else is attending? I would love to meet you there! If you sign up before March 23rd you can save $100 on your All Access Pass and get entry to everything - conference sessions, engineering summits on Black Hat, IoT and Hardware Startups, hands-on technical tutorials, the Expo with over 200 vendors showcasing the newest design tools available and lots more. Visit dsprelated.com/eelive.php for the full agenda and to register! Use Promo Code: 100OFF

Please note that Chris Felton, one of our bloggers on DSPRelated and FPGARelated, will be giving a talk titled Alternative Hardware Description Languages - make sure to attend!

For those of you who can't attend, I would like to know your opinion on the best way I could use my time and presence at the conference to benefit the users of the *Related sites. One idea I have is to approach the companies who will be at the expo and ask them to share with me in a few words which of their products they would like the *Related's members to know about the most. I would then report back through a blog post. What do you think?

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Comment by ShilpapMarch 3, 2014
Hi Stephane,

I am Shilpa from India,Bangalore. I won't be able to attend.But would be interested in the products.
Waiting to hear back from you soon.Have good sessions.
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Comment by texaneFebruary 24, 2014
Hi Stephane,

I won't attend. Personally, what I would be interested in is having per talk
summaries or notes, and pointers to the corresponding papers / slides.

Also, it might be an opportunity for you to meet people maintaining websites
and blogs similar to the *related websites. I am thinking about David L. Jones
from eevblog for instance.

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Comment by stephanebFebruary 24, 2014
Hi Fabien,

I am not sure if the papers&slides will be made available online by UBM. If they are, I agree that I should link to them. And yes, I hope to meet other web publishers - it should be exciting. Thanks for the comment Fabien.
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Comment by antedeluvianFebruary 24, 2014
I will be at EE Live as well. Maybe you want to organize a group get-together
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Comment by clandry61February 25, 2014
I will be attending EE Live. I look forward to meeting you and networking with other embedded designers.
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Comment by cfeltonFebruary 26, 2014
The Expo at the EELive show (at least past ESC) is impressive.
At the expo alone, you will have many opportunities to talk to
large and small companies - either to get general trends
(what type of information are people looking for), possible
collaborations or new content contributors.

Also, some of your other bloggers are in the general area
you might want to see if they will swing down.

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Comment by stephanebFebruary 27, 2014
Sounds great - thanks Chris.
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Comment by Rick LyonsMarch 2, 2014
When you meet company representatives at EE Live, don't forget to tell them how many engineers visit your web sites every month. Good Luck on your trip Stephane.

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