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Best Embedded Systems pdf Documents Out There

Stephane BoucherSeptember 11, 20127 comments

There are thousands of pdf documents related to Embedded Systems available online.  In fact, when I do a search in Google for:

embedded systems filetype:pdf

I get 4,340,000 results! A huge mix of articles, promotional documents, theses, etc.

Out of these 4 millions+ documents, I suspect that there must be at least a few hundreds jewels that deserve to be given more visibility.

Today, I am asking for your help (again!) to build a directory of some of the most useful pdf files out there for embedded systems experts. Maybe you already know of a good pdf document that your refer to on a regular basis? Maybe you are good at searching stuff online and think you could easily dig out a couple of outstanding documents to add to the list.  Or maybe you wrote a particularity good paper or thesis and have a pdf copy on your hard drive that you would like to share with the Embedded Systems community?

Any document that will be submitted to be added to the directory will first be added to the 'waiting for approval' queue until it accumulates a rating of +5 by partner members.  

And to encourage people to participate, I am offering a reward of $10 for the first 50 documents to get a positive rating of at least +5 by partner members, and I will pay $100 to the individual who will have submitted the document that will have accumulated the highest rating by the end of October.

To prevent overly enthusiastic people from abusing the system by submitting tens of documents without actually reviewing them, I will initially limit the maximum number of "pending approval" documents by any member to 5.  But as soon as one of your submitted documents receives a rating of +5, you will be allowed to submit more.  

To go ahead and submit a document, please click here.

If you are the author of the document you would like to share, and would like the document to be hosted on the EmbeddedRelated server, you will have to upload it first, and then submit the details.

If you would like to see the list of documents that have been submitted and are waiting for approval by partner members, click here.

Memfault State of IoT Report
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Comment by hssathyaSeptember 10, 2012
Is it allowed for partner members to upload documents?
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Comment by stephanebSeptember 11, 2012
> Is it allowed for partner members to upload documents? Yes it is.
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Comment by CryptomanSeptember 12, 2012
Building a distilled library of good pdf documents is a great idea and wil significantly add to the value of the forum. I am sure many people will use this library as a trusted reference. Let me get to work to dig out some useful pdfs!
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Comment by CryptomanSeptember 12, 2012
I just attempted to upload one of my favorite books in pdf format that is under 4 MB in size and got the following error message: "Invalid file. Make sure the file is in the 'pdf' format and that the size is smaller than 20 Megabytes." I tried to upload the same file twice and got the same error. Any idea why that is happening? Regards...
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Comment by stephanebSeptember 12, 2012
> "Invalid file. Make sure the file is in the 'pdf' format and that the size is smaller than 20 Megabytes." I cannot seem to reproduce the issue. Could you send me the document by email so I can find out what the problem is?
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Comment by CryptomanSeptember 22, 2012

Hi Stephane,

I just sent an email to you with the file attached.

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Comment by windraiderOctober 4, 2012
I am writing a PDF/eBook on using the Texas Instuments LaunchPad populated with the 16bit
MSP430G2553 using the 4e4th language for data logging and straight forward process control and graphical display. A brief introduction is available at my site www.sustainabilitymeasurements.com

If you feel their is on going interest in Data logging I would be interested toknow and may submitt more comprehensive material for consideration Regards Andrew Reid

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