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Designing Medical and Industrial devices over two decades. Passionate in product design with focus on embedded systems and microcontrollers.

Massive Open Online Courses ( Transforming education )

Jayaraman Kiruthi Vasan October 10, 20124 comments

Emerging trends in online education have opened up unforeseen learning opportunities for aspiring students. Eminent instructors from the best names in the industry such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard provide several courses with video lectures online.

Named MOOCs,  Massive Open Online courses are accelerating the learning process in a radical manner.  Online universities like Coursera, edX, Udacity, Khan Academy and Udemy offer courses which are professionally relevant.

Get your microcontroller and PC to talk

Jayaraman Kiruthi Vasan August 15, 20115 comments

(and get it done free ‘n’ easy!)


The Need

Specifications can dynamically change during the product development cycle. Bosses/clients suddenly approach us with additional requirements, which, however simple, can put us in a fix.  One such requirement could be to have a PC based design interface for a standalone microcontroller project.

On many occasions, the required PC software has to just behave like a slave...

Embedded - Where to start and how to continue?

When the whole world is talking the magic words 'Embedded' and 'Microcontrollers', there definitely are a whole bunch of engineers who are more into hardware and have the eternal hesitation on how to plunge into the embedded world.



These folks are good in hardware, very analytical in their approach and have all the ingredients to become experts in this part of the geek world.

Good old multiplexed keypad in an embedded system

Jayaraman Kiruthi Vasan April 17, 20118 comments

Good old multiplexed keypad in embedded systems

(My www.embeddedrelated.com Blog No.1)

Touch-screens, rotary encoder switches and other navigational aids rule the user interface these days.  Navigation through menus and sub-menus is child’s play as icons and thumbnails rule the screen.


Jumping from one screen to another, switching between programs and event notification pop-ups are made possible due to high...

Re: 3V LED selection for commercial product

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/11/2021)
HiYou could use a booster such as LM2733 (TI part) or MT3608(Chinese part) to boost the voltage to 3.7 V. the beauty of these devices is , if you shut them down...

Re: Block diagram software

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/08/2020)
Hi Rafael,Its an interesting question. You could use the yEditor. Pls Google it. It is the best and free! software out there. I have used it extensively last 10...

Re: Regarding a specific microcontroller

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/30/2019)
HiYou can buy Synergy S124 (Renesas MCU )evaluation board that has accelerometers, etc and also has a perfect IDE which is integrated with Threadx OS. Beauty is,...

Re: Is an additional 8051 microcontroller necessary?

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/15/2019)
Hi mik3ca,OMG, a lot of information and multiple questions.1. As you have not specified which wireless technology, I assume it is a simple 434MHz kind of transceiver....
Hi,First of all, Resistors do not provide propagation delays.I have used 74HC595 - four nos daisy chained - with a routine that is called inside a 0.1 msec timer...
HiThis seems to be an interesting project. I would use distributed intelligence deploying multiple microcontrollers at various levels. Each access device deploys...
In order to perform parallel timing operations, standard practice is to use multiple counters running inside ISR routines. To make it easy for understanding, I use...

Re: Embedded Engineers Most Important and Useful Skills

Reply posted 7 years ago (10/26/2017)
I have always wondered if embedded design is an art or science. Regardless of it being either or both, an aspiring engineer must have certain basic skills. These...

Re: high sampling ADC and DAC board

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/24/2017)
Hi NaumanYou may try LPC82X series of microcontrollers from NXP.JK

Re: A million UARTs....

Reply posted 7 years ago (06/04/2017)
Hi Casperpro,This is not a big deal if you use a simple RS485 (simplex) or a RS422B (Duplex) hardware and related software techniques. Just connect a MAX485 to your...
Hi learn,Debouncing is kind of filtering the glitches and sensing whether an intentional level change has happened or not. The raw signal cannot be the same as the...

Re: MCUs with hardware ids.

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/16/2017)
YYou may try Synergy mucus from Renesas. Great ones with freeThreadX RTOS APIS.work like a breeze.

Re: PCB simulation and layout

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/24/2017)
Andy,I would strongly recommend DesignSpark. I am using it for most of my commercialized projects. It has got everything that you asked for and its free!. And it...


Reply posted 7 years ago (02/22/2017)
AJRS485 communication is in essencee UART communucation with an enable signal. To transmit, make P2.2 high and send data through UART.For reception, P2.2 must be...

Re: LPC177x GPIO interrupt

Reply posted 8 years ago (10/05/2016)
HiFor the interrupt to work, you need to configure it as an edge triggered interrupt.Also you need to select raising or falling edge depending upon your application.Also...

Re: Quick Tip for the Embedded Systems Engineer

Reply posted 8 years ago (09/22/2016)
Distributed Intelligence cuts down costsThe usual strategy adapted by most embedded systems engineers is to use a complex mcu to control the entire functionality...
Hi,The SK-S7G2 provides access to many IRQ pins of the MCU. These IRQ inputs are available in each of the application headers in the kit. IRQ is basically an external...

Re: Renesas Synergy MCUs SSP overwriting files

Reply posted 8 years ago (09/20/2016)
First of all, SSP modifies every software generated file automatically and also updates those generated already. If it is a configuration related coding that you...

Re: Digital Output does not have continuity to ground?

Reply posted 8 years ago (08/16/2016)
The Pin gets connected to ground through CMOS logic circuit. This means it does not get shorted to ground but provide the ground potential through the Drain-Source...

Re: New Email Notifications System

Reply posted 8 years ago (03/30/2016)

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