LCDX Blues..Can't download to it

Started by merogman2004 June 3, 2011
I received the LCDX in the mail about a week ago. After careful research I chosed the LCDX because I didn't have the time to write and troubleshoot low level code to get visual feedback. For a lack of an "Getting Started" for the LCDX I turned to this forum for hints, clues and answers.
The first 8 hours was trying to figure out where this "Lab Door 2 is Locked Enter Code > <" came from and why it wasn't addressed in the Literature. I expected a demo program. I had it connected to the laptop and I couldn't download to it. Eventually, I wired up the keypad and found some numbers to put in it for activation. Then it came back.

The second 8 hours was spent pouring over all the supplied and downloaded literature and researching this forum again for some insight. Maybe the problem was my win 7 USB to serial cable converter (Win 7 is a story and endeavor in itself). The USB to serial converter was working fine. Maybe it was the new serial cable. The cable was working fine. All this time I duplicated my efforts in 9600 and 19200 baud.
All this time I have been removing and returning power to the LCDX for the lack of a reset function on the LCDX, which is a very hazardous practice to do in electronics.

The third 8 hours was spent trying everything suggested on this forum for LCDX. Nothing worked to allow me to stop the LCDX and download a program. I took out the digital meter and measure the 12 volt supply to the LCDX. It measured 11.03 volts at the plug, unconnected to the LCDX. Next I went to the 7-12 volt pad and measured 8.23 volts. I then measured the 5 volt supply and it measured 4.98 volts. I finally went to the ATN Diagnostic and was able to toggle 6.10 volts as a high and -6.23 volts as a low, repeatedly measured at the LCDX pins. I then checked my serial cable and it is a straight serial cable and not a null modem serial cable. Pin 3 on the 9 db connector (center pin) ohms out the other end (center pin).

My questions are:

What is the baud rate to the LCDX Monitor and Download ports?

What kind of handshaking do the LCDX ports use?

Does the LCDX use a null cable?

Is the LCDX a BX24 or BX35 because the forum provided conflicting information?

Is there a probability that my LCDX is defective?


How do I halt the LCDX and download a program to it?

Help, I have one eye above water and I see a log with eyes swimming my way...

> ... What is the baud rate to the LCDX Monitor and Download ports?

Downloads are at 115200. If you choose to use COM1 for I/O in your project, it will be used for downloads after compiling a project - and it will carry your COM1 data during execution. You can use the Monitor port in the IDE to see that data; set its speed to match the speed you choose in your project. I just loaded the DoorLock demo project and see that it doesn't put any data on COM1.

> ... What kind of handshaking do the LCDX ports use?

None. The IDE does, however, toggle DTR (ATN at the LCDX end) to start and stop the LCDX and to initiate downloads.

> ... Does the LCDX use a null cable?

No, you can plug the DB9M on your USB-RS232 adapter, or a female-to-male serial extension cable from it, into the DB9F on the LCDX.

> ... Is the LCDX a BX24 or BX35 because the forum provided conflicting information?

It uses a BX35 whose I/O is dedicated to specific functions and pins on the LCDX. File LCDXLib.bas, supplied on the CD and available on the Netmedia web site, describes the I/O assignments and provides functions to use the display and keyboard.