IAR Embedded Workbench and AT91SAM7 Sample code

Started by Marco December 6, 2005
Hello, I am searching for some sample code using UART in interrupt mode
with ARM IAR C++ compiler.

Is there some place where I can find some sample?

Thanks in advance.

Dear ARMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeessssss

I am here with very newbies question, but tuff one for me atleast.

I am interfacing an GSM modem with Serial port of lpc2214, now my
application is to send the data from memory(which is interfaced with
LPC2214), to the calling server.

Reading all the AT command set i couldn\'t find that can help me, so
need your help that wht AT commands are to be used or wht else I need
to do.

Thanks and Regards,
Pankaj Bhimani