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Re: GPIO interrupt edge triggering

Started by pana...@yahoo.com November 13, 2010
Hi dear friend,
I'm working on linux2.6.30 kernel for At91sam9261-ek like board,
in our board we have connected the irq pin of ads7846 to a gpio(PIN_PA22) instead of IRQ2(PIN_PC2), therefore we have encountered a problem in the kernel for activation of gpio interrupt instead of IRQ.

My question is, How can I redirect the interrupt routine from IRQ to gpio?

Also I have done the following modification in "board-sam9261ek.c" and "ads7846.c" files but while ADS7846 device is probed still the function "at91_aic_set_type" is called instead of "gpio_irq_type".

Thanks a lot for any help.


Check the datasheet of AT91SAM9261 to see if the chip actually supports
falling edge interrupts.

If it doesn't you cannot use IRQ_TRIGGER_FALLING.


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