Multimedia Compression: Another Revolution

Kunal SinghApril 5, 20081 comment

Researchers at University of Rochester have developed a new technology to store the Music in compressed format, where compression ratios of a factor of Tens of Thousands can be achieved . This technology takes a completely different approach from the existing multimedia compression techniques - e.g. MP3, MPEG4. Whereas the existing technologies rely on eliminating the redundant (for lossless compression) and less important (for lossy compression) multimedia data (from original content), the new technique involves encoding the music in a radically different way. The reproduction of music from the encoded data also takes a different approach.

As per the news reports, this technology is not at all mature to take up the market. It might take a number of years, before the technology gets ready to offer a commercial significance. Also, high bandwidth networks and high density storage media (which will be very common in coming years) may not actually call for such high compression ratios. But, no doubt, this new technology is a great wonder.

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Comment by hiwayApril 18, 2008
Very interesting!

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