Building Linux Kernel for Desktops

Kunal SinghAugust 9, 20084 comments

Linux Development has made an amazing process in last decade. Different Linux Distributions come with specific tools which greatly ease down the build process for Linux Kernel.

Here is a good introduction to these build tools and build procedure for different Linux Distributions:

Building Kernel for Fedora

Building Kernel for Ubuntu

Building Kernel for Suse

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Comment by baharsakliNovember 3, 2008
Which one is usefull for embedded linux , ML403 or ML405 development kits?
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Comment by amar.robinNovember 22, 2008
thats a good way to help the upcoming students who want to join the embedded industry..
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Comment by bkdeepubkDecember 17, 2008
I want to know ,how we can write the syslog related logs to data flash instead of a file.
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Comment by SAPLMarch 7, 2009
hi i need ur help regarding one problem im facing in arm processor. curremt im using LPC2214 ARM processor for my application and iam using in system application programming for ny application,now iam planning to do in application programming for my LPC2214 by using GPRS INORDER TO remote progranmming . will u please give me any useful full information that is how configure how to program bootram and all information. yours ganesh ganesh.vizzu@gmail.com

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