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Kunal SinghSeptember 27, 20071 comment
In today's competitive Embedded Systems world, where organizations are struggling hard to keep up their profit margins, here comes a distinct performer - SlingMedia .

Immense competition, short product lives, and high development costs are making most companies sweat for each penny. In such a scenario, SlingMedia speaks of an incredible success story. The company which was founded hardly 3 years ago, has clinched an acquisition deal of USD 380 Million. This means that in today's copy cat world, technology and innovation is still valued.

Company's flagship product sling-box had one many technology awards including the best innovation of the year 2006 at CES.

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Comment by SGSeptember 26, 2007
Most of the issue regarding profit margin arises from the engineer’s, the technician’s and the assembler’s efforts begin wasted supporting useless layers of management. How many project managers, project marketing mangers, project product managers, VPs, directors, presidents, and CEOs can a company support when so few of them have technical backgrounds? It is so rare these days that a company such as SlingMedia could exist these days without sued into bankruptcy. All I can hope for SlingMedia is that EchoStar leaves as an independent division and not weigh them down with the normal pile-on management so common these days.

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