Collaborative Writing Experiment: What are your favorite Embedded Systems Online Resources?

Stephane BoucherMay 20, 20139 comments

Edit 22/05 - Wow, this went better than expected.  I will try submitting this blog post to Reddit/ece and see if we can get a few more interesting links before I close the document.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!  


Edit 28/05 - The document is now closed to editing.  If there is a link that you would like to see added, please use the comment system at the end of this blog.  Thanks to all who participated!  

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This could end up badly, but I am too curious to see where it leads, so let's give it a try.

You are invited to help me create the content of this blog post.  How?  Simply follow this link, and you will be directed to a Google Docs document where you will have the ability to make modifications.  If there is a website that you particularily like that is not listed, please add it.  If the website is already listed, you can add a + to the votes column to show your appreciation.  When editing the document, don't be surprised if you see things changing in real time; many individuals (up to 50) can edit the document at the same time.  Once you have modified the document, you can come back here and refresh the page.  You should see your changes appear in this blog!

I know too well that is a far from perfect idea, inviting all sorts of abuse. I am particularity worried about spammers.  If it ends up being really bad, I can always clean up the document.  Stay tuned!  And don't forget to refresh this page often, to see what others are adding.

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Comment by DIYDSPJune 2, 2013
Hi! http://diydsp.com is the website I've begun to share information on designing and building electronic music instruments based on DSP.

I got my start by reading comp.dsp some years ago, so naturally I am excited to found out that many of that same crew are involved with showing up over here and on some of the engineering subreddits!

Hi Rick Lyons and Robert Bristow-Johnson and everyone else, except E. Bob Tisdale! :) :) :)
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Comment by jamesprtcMay 19, 2013
Intelligent Systems Source is a great tool for searching the market for various types of SBC boards. The site allows you to search and compare products before deciding to make a purchase. Very helpfull
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Comment by texaneMay 19, 2013
I added free-electrons, the website of a well known French company involved in LINUX kernel related development, esp. for embedded devices. They open sourced the material used in their training session, which is very valuable.
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Comment by stephanebMay 19, 2013
I have added a "comments" column to the document, you might want to add your comment.
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Comment by girish09May 20, 2013
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Comment by jomcypMay 21, 2013
This list will be defintely a valuable information for all beginners and experts in ES . I added TI site which motivates me and hence I made my career in ES.
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Comment by hemmerlingJune 20, 2013
The german speaking expert crowd gathers on
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Comment by Lonnie HoneycuttOctober 11, 2013
http://43oh.com - MSP430 enthusiast site.
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Comment by Lonnie HoneycuttOctober 11, 2013
http://www.energia.nu - fork of the Arduino IDE for the TI MSP-430

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