A brief overview of flight control software

Igor MišićMay 3, 20193 comments

It has been a long time since the first drones appeared. If you are interested in such a topic, you may be confused about how and where to jump in. Since I went through the same phase, I'd like to write my findings here and help others.

For this blog post, I've created chart and table with all open source flight control programs I've been able to find.

The chart shows the course of development of the existing software. It is separated in years and you can see when which project started if they are related or when the support of project end. Some of the projects are forks from one another and this is also shown. The dates are based on git commits from the project's repositories.The chart has been drawn in draw.io. It is on GitHub repository if you think something is wrong or something is missing and you would like to help, you can contribute to it.

At the table below, flight controllers are compared from the simple embedded software perspective.

I hope this small amount of information will give you a brief overview of the current situation regarding flight controls for drones. If you like this content please share it, like it and put your comment down. Also, you can write to me what drone-related thing would you like to see next.

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Comment by bitkingMay 3, 2019

Thanks, this is a nice pointer to resources.

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Comment by fermedJune 25, 2019

Thanks for sharing the chart. I would be nice if you could provide a comparative chart of the functionality which these projects provide, and also discuss about options that provide any industry-level reliability like SIL3 or similar ratings.

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Comment by Igor1024June 27, 2019

hi fermed,

thanks for the interest in this topic and feedback. I'll keep in mind that there is interest in functionality comparison and industry standards inside flight controllers. I'm not very familiar with all of them but if I gather enough information to write a post I'll bring it here.

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