ESC Boston's Videos are Now Up

Stephane BoucherJune 5, 2017

In my last blog, I told you about my experience at ESC Boston and the few videos that I was planning to produce and publish.  Here they are, please have a look and any feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated. 

Short Highlight

This is a very short (one minute) montage of some of the footage that I shot at the show & conference.  In future shows, I absolutely need to insert clips here and there of engineers saying a few words about the conference (why they are there, what they get out of it, etc).  Asking for engineers to say a few words in front of my camera will get me out of my comfort zone for sure as I hate to bother people, but like everything else, I guess I'll eventually get used to it and not get too affected by the numerous rejections.  



Like I wrote in my previous blog, I had the chance to meet the DLOGIC team on the trade show floor and they showed interest in a highlight video for their booth.  Darren was a natural in front of the camera; really comfortable, fluent and charismatic (IMHO).  I inserted some photos of the crew in the montage and I like the effect, what do you think? (watching in HD & full screen with audio on would be a great idea)

Building an Artificial Brain

Here is Clive 'Max' Maxfield's full talk titled 'Building an Artificial Brain'.  Enjoy!

Adam Taylor

Adam says a few words about the talk he gave at the conference and shares his views on programmable logic moving forward.  (Did I mention that Adam will very soon be a father?)

Mike Anderson

Finally, watch Mike Anderson from the PTR Group talk about the IoT vs Embedded Systems.

This is it as far as ESC Boston is concerned.  Next stop: Germany again!  After Embedded World in Nuremberg earlier this year, I am going back to Germany at the end of June to create a couple of videos for SEGGER.  My next blog post will explain in details how I got invited and why I am very excited by the opportunity.   

Thanks for reading and watching!  Please share your thought with me, I always love reading your feedback.

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