Embedded C - Linking obj file

New thread started 4 years ago
Ok this question seems basic:A C project consists of myMain.c, and myFunc.cmyFunc.c - contains several functions, e.g myfunc1(), myfunc2(), myfunc3(), etc.myMain.c...

Re: Stack - interrupt, function call?

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/04/2019)
Dear JackCrens,I suppose you are saying function call and interrupt "shares" the same stack. Please kindly confirm my understanding is correct:1. main program runs....

Stack - interrupt, function call?

New thread started 5 years ago
Hi,I am confused about the stack.I understand that in embedded C programming for MCU, when a function is called, a stack frame is created so that the following can...

Flash Programmer, s19

New thread started 6 years ago
Hi,What is the purpose of s19 file? Am I right that it is used by flash programmer to download the code to MCU? But why can't a flash programmer download binary...

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