Dave Comer (@dcomer_backup)

Electrical Engineer with 25+ years in Semiconductor industry working as a IC design, test, product, and yield engineer for several major IC manufactures. Additional skills include PCB design, embedded systems design, UNIX/Windows system administration, software development (Assemble, FORTRAN, C/C++, Python, PowerBuilder, LabVIEW, etc.),

Re: Forums Update, Tips and Tricks - Please Read!

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/23/2022)
Hi Wolf22,Just my opinion on the thumbs up feature. The value of the thumbs up is akin, in my experience, to an application wish list. That is, there are certain...

Reference Designs for Solar Inverters?

New thread started 2 years ago
Does anyone have links, tutorials, or related information on open source (HW/SW) inverter designs suited for a good SW controlled micro-inverter (DC->AC) for...

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