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Pragnesh PatelOctober 23, 20072 comments

Hello everybody, it’s nice to have an opportunity to write on embedded system and share experiments with readers.

I recently started embedded systems in FPGA having luxury of reconfigurable logics and will like to share some of my thoughts in first post.

I worked with Xilinx SPARTAN 3E and with their embedded system tools known as EDK 9.1 (Embedded Development Kit) software tool, its fun to play with FPGA with no knowledge of VHDL programming. In order to create hardware logic block to perform certain processor independent functions, VHDL programming is required.

FPGA is very much helpful for R&D, developing products and complex projects. In complex projects, one can off load processor with hardware logic blocks which can perform logical task for the application parallel and independent to processor.

The advantage of using FPGA in R&D and developing product is its configurability, which plays major role in complex R& D process as one can change system at a fly for addition/ deletion of peripherals and logic components. Once product is finalized, full proof low cost hardware alternate can be searched and fixed.

I am going to discuss embedded system implementation with Xilinx devices and software in next couple of posts.

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Comment by CRPOctober 23, 2007
Hi Pragnesh, That's a nice briefing of the advantages of using configurable logic. Can you please brief me a little more regarding your statement that "VHDL programming is not required to program FPGA's". Regards, Chetan
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Comment by PatelbarodaOctober 28, 2007
Chetan Sorry for being late. You can step through next few articles and will understand automatically my statement. In my second article, I generated simple embedded system in FPGA.

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