2024 Embedded Online Conference's Schedule

Stephane BoucherApril 25, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Embedded Online Conference! Like with previous years, this year's event will be a mix of pre-recorded on-demand sessions and live Zoom sessions. We've carefully curated the schedule to ensure that you have access to a wealth of valuable content throughout the week.

Most talks will be released on-demand, while most workshops and keynotes will be done live on Zoom. There will also be multiple live 20-minute-long Q&A sessions happening throughout the week, providing you with the opportunity to engage with speakers and delve deeper into the topics being discussed.

Friday April 26 - Theatre Talks, Demos and Microtalks Head Start

To give you a head start on a very busy program, all Theatre Talks, Demos and Microtalks will be released on-demand on Friday morning (04/26), at 8:00 am EDT, a few days before the official start of the conference (04/29). This will give you the full weekend to watch as many sessions as you'd like and prepare to attend the Q&A sessions of interest on Monday.

Monday, April 29th - Day 1

Monday, day one of the conference, will start at 10 am EDT with a LIVE Workshop presented by Massimo Panzica and Mena Roumbakis from ST Micro:

Followed at 1pm EDT by a combined LIVE Q&A session (both Q&A will be happening in the same Zoom session) with more ST engineers:

Followed at 2pm EDT by a LIVE Q&A session with Kyle Dando from NXP:

The day will end with the on-demand release at 5:00 pm EDT of the following sessions:

Tuesday, April 30th - Day 2

Tuesday will start with a few LIVE Q&A sessions:

Followed at 10 am EDT by the second workshop of the conference that will be presented LIVE by Ben Saks:

Followed at 12:30 pm EDT by the first Keynote of the conference that will be presented by Jacob Beningo:

Followed by a few more Q&A sessions:

The day will end with the on-demand release at 5:00 pm EDT of the following sessions

Wednesday, May 1st - Day 3

Wednesday will start at 9 am EDT with the following back to back Q&A sessions:

Followed at 10 am EDT by a LIVE workshop with Andrew Eliasz:

Then, at 12:30 pm EDT, the Keynote of the day will be presented by the one and only Elecia White:

And followed by a few more Q&A sessions:

At the end of the day at 5 pm EDT, a new group of on-demand talks will be released:

Thursday, May 2nd - Day 4

Thursday will start with the following Q&A Sessions:

Followed by this Workshop, at 10 am EDT, with Jacob Beningo:

Followed at 12:30 pm EDT by the highly anticipated keynote by Philip Koopman:

And a few more Q&A sessions:

At the end of the day, at 5 pm EDT, the following group of talks will be made available to you:

Friday, May 3rd - Day 5

The final, but not the least, day of the conference will start again with a few Q&A sessions:

Followed by a live workshop at 10 am EDT, presented by Peifang Zhou:

Followed by a keynote at 12:30 pm EDT, presented by non other than Jack Ganssle:

Although this guide is a good overview to better understand how the conference will unfold, we encourage you to consult the schedule on a daily basis and not fully rely on this guide OR your personal calendars as last-minute changes could happen.

We also strongly encourage you to add the sessions of interest to your Agenda (there are multiple ways to add a session to your agenda). This will help ensure that you don't miss out on any of the valuable content that will be available throughout the week.

Wishing you a very happy and insightful 2024 Embedded Online Conference,

Stephane & Jacob

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