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- Graduated from Rose-Hulman with a BSEE in 1983. - Remain great friends with EE professor Dr. David Voltmer who taught E&M and microwave circuits. - RF Engineering from 1983- 1990. - Digital Video and network distribution from 1990 - 1998 - Firmware Engineer from 1998- present. - Also RF communications on many projects including current. - Class 3 Medical devices.

Re: Improvement in Software design

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/05/2020)
You're trying out things here which is fine.The comments contributed by others are on point - I would listen to them.One other thing to add:How will you test these...

Re: Example of a system using design patterns

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/18/2020)
It is unlikely that you will find a design pattern that fits a washing machine or any other fully completed device.Design patterns are more commonly used to model...

Re: Choice of microcontroller for a project

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/11/2019)
ST is a very solid choice. Absolutely agree with the prior post.

Re: Live Streaming #3

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/03/2019)
I thought the zombies were coming!

Re: Trying to go live SOON

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/05/2019)
This answers the age old question:Who drinks beer through a straw?Now we know.

Re: RTOS Debugging Techniques

Reply posted 7 years ago (04/26/2017)
It will be interesting to see what people emphasize within this thread.I suggest, when designing for an RTOS, the following or similar reference:Meeting Deadlines...

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