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Entrepreneur. Embedded. Problem Solver. Communicator - Words that define me Co-Founded e-con Systems (www.e-consystems.com) in 2003 and building embedded products with an exciting team for the past 15 years. e-con Systems is an OEM product company focussed on Camera modules and System on Modules. Being part of e-con Systems, I have had the great opportunity of witnessing more than 100 embedded products go from drawing board to market, successfully.

Android for Embedded Devices - 5 Reasons why Android is used in Embedded Devices

Maharajan Veerabahu November 6, 20173 comments

The embedded purists are going to hate me for this. How can you even think of using Android on an embedded system ? It’s after all a mobile phone operating system/software. 

Sigh !! Yes I did not like Android to begin with, as well - for use on an Embedded System. But sometimes I think the market and needs decide what has to be used and what should not be. This is one such thing. Over the past few years, I have learned to love Android as an embedded operating system....

Re: What is a Bootloader and when do you need one?

Reply posted 7 years ago (11/02/2017)
Additional thoughts to @Tim Wescott and @Laszlo, based on my experience with 32 Bit ARM processors and Linux :Bootloaders are considered a necessity if you are...

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