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Re: Preventing Forum Fatigue

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/18/2019)
If there's active conversation, I don't think there's anything wrong with it inherently.  The posts in question certainly aren't spam, which is one of the big forum...

Re: Flash Programmer, s19

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/26/2018)
>>What is the purpose of s19 file? wikipedia has this covered.  In summary, it describes what (data) goes where (addresses) and also has provisions to ensure...

Re: Nand flash read isuue

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/16/2018)
I agree with SpiderKenny - it sounds like your flash is getting erased somehow - or you're not actually reading it correctly. Double check your low-level commands...

Re: How to download a file through a RS485 link

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/27/2018)
Since you didn't state your exact MCU, here are some general suggestions:1.  Figure out what's going on with the unexpected characters (if you can't send simple...

Re: HID Over I2C MCU driver

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/13/2018)
The host will be the MCU, with the device being the touchscreen (there is no operating system).

Re: HID Over I2C MCU driver

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/13/2018)
I'm looking for the host side (I believe the teensy behaves as a HID device).  Now that you mention it, I could probably re-purpose some HAL code from the USB HID...

HID Over I2C MCU driver

New thread started 6 years ago
Does anyone know of any available drivers that implement HID Over I2C which would be appropriate for use on an MCU, with permissive licensing (i.e. non-GPL).  I...
Have you gone to the trouble of building any packs? If so, any impressions?  I went through some examples in the arm site and they weren't as bad as I was expecting. ...
I'm not sure how many Keil MDK users there are here. . . Is anybody rolling their own Keil software packs  for in-house use?  If so - I'd like to hear about your...
RogerC has two very good tips to make the macro better.  There's also the question of whether or not a global variable with a function-like macro approach is the...

Re: Communication devices

Reply posted 6 years ago (12/23/2017)
You're  stuck with whatever command the device you're driving has available, so just be sure and choose something you can tolerate

Re: Applying Abstraction concepts in firmware

Reply posted 6 years ago (12/12/2017)
I love abstraction in firmware! This is coming from someone who programs in C/C++ on a daily basis when not doing hardware development (using ARM Cortex M MCU's)...

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