Memfault State of IoT Report

A Project post experiment

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I built a "toy" that I thought I'd share. Standard rules: no build to sell or taking credit for others' work, etc.

It's a simple settable circuit breaker using an SSR and a current sensor.

If it's outside the scope or posted in wrong place - it's a trial. See zip attached for all you should "need".

Good Hunting, feedback welcome  <<<)))    SSR_Pkg.zip

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Reply by eeKnudJanuary 26, 2020

Nice project. Have you considered posting to Github and/or Hackaday.io?

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Reply by CustomSargeJanuary 26, 2020

Hi, Thanks, I've been in GitHub a couple times, not heard of Hackaday. At 66 YO, I sometimes have issues doing the tricks I know, let alone new ones. I wouldn't have an issue with someone "bringing it into this century", packaging it and posting in other places. They can take credit for the reengineering, I'd want the standard rules to hold and to get original attribution. It'd be nice to see what others have done too. L8R  <<<)))

Memfault State of IoT Report